Our Waitlist is open..........

We have now restructured our waitlist.  Instead of holding 6 spots per litter for a specific fur-couple, we are going to have one list (for each Goldendoodle & Labradoodle).  It will be a first come/first serve basis for litters.   Each litter (as they come) will pull from the waitlist in order.  If (at your turn) you choose to wait for a next litter (for a higher pick spot), you may do so and we’ll go to the next person in line.

Currently, we have 9 people on our Goldendoodle waitlist and average around 7 puppies per litter.  Of course, we cannot guarantee how many puppies they will have and often hold the first pick for breeding purposes.

Our anticipated Goldendoodle litters over the next year are (all are mini multi-generational and are expected to be between 25 – 35 lbs):

  • May 2018 – Liberty & Billy (3rd pairing together – pups to go home in early July)

  • August 2018 – Aspyn & Norman (1st pairing – pups to go home in Oct)

  • September 2018 – Kyra & Billy (1st pairing – pups to go home Nov)

  • November 2018 – Liberty & Billy (4th and final pairing together – pups to go home in Jan)

  • Feb/Mar 2019 – Aspyn & Norman (2nd pairing – pups to go home Apr/May)

  • Mar/Apr 2019 - Kyra & Billy (2nd pairing – pups to go home May/June)

  • Around September 2019 – Aspyn & Norman (3rd pairing – pups to go home around Nov)

  • Around October 2019 - Kyra & Billy (3rd pairing pups to go home around Dec)

Our anticipated Labradoodle litters over the next year are for Stella & Lincoln (for med/large F1b Labradoodles that are e expected to mature between 50-60 lbs):

  • April 2018 – she delivered 2 adorable pups on April 3, to go to their fur-homes the first week in June!!  – a girl and a boy.  These are AVAILABLE! (we did not advertise, pictures attached)

  • October 2018 – pups to go home in Dec

  • April/May 2019 – pups to go home June/July

  • Oct/Nov 2019 – pups to go home Dec/Jan

If either of these waitlists interest you, please let us know (email is best!).  ~ Thank you!

F1b Labradoodles were born on Apr. 3 ....and they are available!

Stella delivered two beautiful babies on April 3!!!   Max & Ruby

They are F1b Labradoodles, both are a beautiful golden color.  These will be medium-large in size (around 50-60 lbs) and should be non-shedding.

Stella has been a wonderful mama!!! 

Because Stella had a harder time getting pregnant, we did not take previous deposits on this litter, they are both currently available! 

 Stella with Max & Ruby

Stella with Max & Ruby

Waitlist is currently full - please check back with us soon

Hello!  It's been a little hectic over the Holidays and we are excited to start 2018

  • Our Goldendoodle waitlist is currently full for the next 2 litters. 
  • We expect a Spring 2018 litter for Medium-Standard Labrodoodles.  This will be Stella's first litter.  Once we can confirm a pregnancy, we'll update and start accepting deposits.
  • We also expect a Spring 2018 litter for mini Goldendoodles with a full waitlist.  We are anticipating another litter for Liberty & Billy (they make amazing babies!).  These adorable multi-gen babies have non-shedding coats and are approximately 30-35 lbs.
  • We expect more litters coming up in Summer 2018 and Fall 2018 for Kyra (with Billy) and Aspyn (with Norman).  We will be updating our website shortly with information on these amazing new parents-to-be.  We will update once we know for sure, so please check back with us soon.  Thanks so much!



Liberty's litter is here!

Liberty gave birth to 7 healthy and beautiful puppies on Good Friday, April 14th!  We have 4 boys and 3 girls!  This litter is fully reserved, but a waitlist is started for her next litter.  Please contact us if you would like to reserve a spot for her next litter (anticipated Oct-Dec 2017). 

This is our 'Big Bang Theory' litter, we have:  Sheldon, Amy, Leonard, Penny, Howard, Bernadette, and Raj! 



Reba's Litter is here!

Reba delivered 7 beautiful and healthy puppies on January 16th.  Momma and babies are all doing great, and are all spoken for.  Please see this litter's page for pictures of these little angels - we are calling this our Grey's Anatomy litter :)

We have puppies and we have moved!

So sorry we haven't updated the website in awhile!  It's been a whirlwind month!  Reba had an amazing litter of puppies on June 28th (6 days early!).  We have six beautiful and healthy babies (3 boys and 3 girls).  Pictures to coming shortly.

Also.....we have moved back to our home town of Midland, Mi.  It was a decision that came with long and tough consideration, but we really missed our family and life back home, so this is the best for our family.  We have 3 families that we will be bringing puppies back for, so if anyone else in Pennsylvania chooses a puppy, we will also bring him back as well.  :)